Biscuits Flo Hair with dForce for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Flo Hair has Flexible Creative Control with the many build-in options, plus additional morphs to fine-tune with Adjustments, Move Morphs, and Creative Styles, to make the hair longer, shorter, curly, or straight and control the thickness.
For ease of use, you get 17 Starter Shapes Presets and a Zero Pose. To control the density, tips, and roots of the hair there are 4 Transparency Presets as well, 4 Simulation Presets quickly setup your simulation.
Flo Hair needs to be used with dForce, however, the included 3 Static Style Shapes need to be applied without dForce on the default unsimulated shape of the hair.
You also get 45 astounding Natural Colors in Smooth and Crimp (zigzag effect) Materials.
Biscuits dForce Flo Hair for Genesis 8 Female is conforming only in the default initial shape, this Hair is created to be simulated with the dForce Engine, to achieve a realistic flow and drape influenced by gravity.

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