dForce Companion 2.0

dForce Companion 2.0 is a plugin for Daz Studio 4.12 and above that greatly simplifies your work with dForce (hair and cloth). It provides a new “dForce Companion” pane in your Daz Studio user interface that combines all the frequently used dForce-related settings in one place.
The pane shows you all of the figures (or other nodes) from your Scene tab that have a dForce modifier. This makes it immediately obvious which scene items will be affected by a simulation run. (Especially with hair, this can be hard to figure out otherwise.)
The dForce Companion 1.0 was published in March 2020. Version 2.0 adds the following new features:
Mac support
Simulation settings section on “companion” pane
Simulation setting presets on “companion” pane
Option to show all nodes instead of only figures
Context menu options to quickly access node properties for rendering dForce hair in Iray viewport (“Preview PR hairs”, “Line tessellation sides”)
Updated and extended the PDF manual




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