dForce Couch and Poses for Genesis 8

The versatile dForce Couch can be used as both a Morphing and Dynamic prop.
For quick and easy use and for those not wishing to simulate, It comes with 20 Pose presets for the Genesis 8 Females and 10 for the Genesis 8 males, these cover and range of sitting and lounging poses – each is accompanied by a matching shape presets for the couch so it indents to fit each pose perfectly.
Alternatively you can match your very own poses to it via a ‘zero gravity’ dForce cloth simulation, the product ships with a PDF manual to guide you – step by step, on setting up your characters and scene up for this -as it requires a couple of tricks.
The Couch has 17 basic (Iray and 3Delight) Materials, and boasts 8 material zones making it Shader friendly. Also Included in the set, a wearable sheet cover for the couch which will follow the indent morphs, (it can also be used in the dForce Simulation.)

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