Exoline Undergarments for Genesis 8 Female(s)

This mega set includes Genesis 8 Females fit for April rain undergarments, all of it’s original textures and an expansive set of textures adding life and versatility to your Undergarments clothing.
Exoline Textures covers the sexy Leather and Lace (Goth or Rock’n’Roll), Cyberpunk or other Sci Fi textures to coordinate with BadKittehCo’s Exoline products.
You are getting the original April Rain Undergarment meshes: Boots, Socks, Leggings with material zone options, Shirt with material zone options and Shoulder Bag. These pieces have all been hand converted to Genesis 8. Hand conversion means that the boots are fitting without crumpling, that there are hand made morphs for Genesis 8 shapes and also chest morphs. We paid special attention to natural cloth behavior around the chest. You are also getting the original 36 texture maps from the April Rain Undergarments.
This set contains additional texture creating a SciFi EXOLINE expansion: 39 Boot textures, 46 Legging textures (with transparency utilities adding more options), 29 T-Shirt textures (with transparency utilities adding more options).
Exoline expansion textures will work on both, Genesis 3 Females Undergarments, and on Genesis 8 Female undergarments (included in this set)

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