Foreground Blends

Add realistic foregrounds to your scenes!
These items will add some extra realism to all your scenes, and they are especially useful when used with HDRIs. They will fix a lot of problems that commonly occur when using HDRIs. Cover flat foregrounds with grass, add some lawn where before there was just empty space and hide problematic foreground areas.
Choose between irregular grass and smooth lawns, add flowers or leaves, and blend in ground planes to change the type of ground.
Use dForce technology to make the grass interact with the figure – for?that extra bit of realism that makes your renders truly stand out. A special blending shader makes it easy to fine-tune the colors to match the grass exactly with your scene.
This pack includes a variety of pre-arranged presets to quickly add a full foreground, as well as vast choice of individual items to create your own setups.

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