Iray Ghost Light Kit 3

The third iteration of the Ghost Light series, Iray Ghost Light Kit 3 focuses on computationally cheap, volumetric lighting.
Ghost lights are invisible, diffuse mesh lights that light your scene without a visible light source. The volumetric version of these lights included with this set mimic atmospheric lighting effects by using mesh volumes with cutout shaders. The latest iteration of simple ghost lights are also included, which no longer requires setup materials and utilizes blank maps which avoid artifacts. An atmospheric grid is also included with the set to cast a subtle haze across the scene.
With Iray Ghost Light Kit 3 you get a total of five different volumetric light styles, along with 2 simple Ghost Light styles plus many intensity, color and utility options for each.
Each light also has a viewport display icon that will help you place and orient your light, but which will hide at render-time.

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