Natural Bounce 2 – Total Control V4

A brand new and improved version of the popular Natural Bounce product!
Natural Bounce 2 is a set of tools to add a greater level of realism to your renders and animations. Body parts that used to be stiff can now be posed and animated in a more real and natural way. Natural Bounce 2 is compatible with V4 and all of the DAZ body morphs and V4 based characters. The pack can also be used with different characters e.g. Miki3, after making a few simple adjustments (see ReadMe for details). The tools were created to be as exact as possible so that they give great results with any of the DAZ body morphs.
Pack includes:
8 Magnet/D-Former style tools for breast and buttock movement (now includes 4 brand new breast magnet/d-former tools for total control)
Pose to magnetise any item of clothing to match body movements
Almost endless possibilities for movement and posing




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