Realistic Wounds and Blood for Genesis 3 Male(s) and Female(s)

Do you need some wounds, scratches, cuts, bruises and blood for your Genesis 3 based Characters?
This product comes with lots of different LIE materials for all body parts to add different kinds of wounds, bruises, cuts and blood to all your Genesis 3 based characters.
The LIE presets work with all Genesis 3 Male and Female based characters. You can of course use several different presets at the same time to mix and combine them.
Since the materials are LIE layers you can, if wanted, easily adjust the position of them in the Layered Image Editor. All layers can be freely repositioned in the Layered Image Editor to have it exactly where you need it.
Overall 141 LIE presets for ALL your Genesis 3 Male and Female based characters.
All wounds have been created using photo references of real wounds.
This product works with Iray, 3Delight, Luxrender and all other render engines supported by Daz Studio.




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