Wet And Tanned Skins For Genesis 8 Male(s)

Wet And Tanned Skins For Genesis 8 Male(s) comes with a dedicated shader allowing you to turn all your Genesis 8 Males into splendidly tanned and/or wet actors for your summer, sports, fight or water scenes, and much more. Wet and Tanned skins has been conceived so that you can build the tan, the wet look, and the tan lines of your figure.
Thanks to a unique Shader Mixer Shader, the skin is now made of a succession of layers which blend Base Color maps “as they would be in photoshop?? with different layers for saturation, for hue, and for lightness, as well as layers for tan lines saturation, tan lines hue, and tan lines lightness.
Change the tan fast and easily: by combining five tan boosters, and several presets of Base Color maps levels of darkness, of saturation, and hue variations, you can reach hundreds of possible tan levels and types, from very pale to extremely tanned skins, or from cold brown tans to warm orange ones. In addition, Tan Boosters, acting on the gamma of base color image maps, allow to reach a wider variety of skin tones. And even much more tan looks can be reached using a global control interface.
The wet and tanned skin shader also includes a dedicated Wet Layer controllable with the general basic properties (amount, roughness, bump) and additional advanced properties. You can reach the wet look you want, from dry to wet skins, thanks to the various wet options and bump presets included, and even more wet looks can be reached by using the global interface included.
A huge number of partial presets is included, and even more skin looks can be created using the dedicated “Global Interface?? This unique interface is provided as a global manager, and you find in this interface three tabs, one to adjust the tan look, the second one for wet look and the last tab for the color characteristics of the tan lines. Thanks to the interface, you can reach much more tan looks, tan lines colors, and wet looks than with the partial presets only, and in a very efficient way since all controls are gathered by theme.
For more realism, many tan lines are included, as direct presets or LIE overlays if you want to combine them, and of course you can fine tune the characteristics of the skin under the tan lines.
Due to the independent nature of wetness and tan, you can easily access dry and tanned skins, wet and pale skins, wet and tanned skins, well every mix of wetness and tan you can imagine. Beach scenes, swimming pool renders, sports, action and efforts, summertime artwork and many more can now rely on this new tool to reach a new dimension.
A script is included to transfer the skin properties to genitalia, and the genitalia tan lines corresponding to the body tan lines are available as presets too. As usually a pdf documentation is available.

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