XTransfer – Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 Converter (Update)

Introducing XTransfer (Module 1), the fastest, and most accurate Genesis 3 to Genesis 8 Morph Transfer System.
With XTransfer you can transfer all your favorite characters and morphs with ease. Simply favorite what you want to transfer and the script will do the rest. It will also automatically include all hidden corrective morphs that are linked to your selection, ensuring that what you choose will work as good as the source. You can also convert entire morph directories as well.
Note: This product does not transfer HD Morph Detail higher than Base Resolution.
*Update 2020-03-27:
Resolved Issues:
fixed issue with XGen morphs transferring
added background progress tracking
changed G3 morphs to save to XTTemp folder
added checks to prevent crashes
updates bone orientations
fixed issue with lToes and rToes
added check for character presets
added progress dialog during launch
changed OBJ export to not write faces
auto-cleanup of XTTemp and appdata folders on launch
added multi-select. Shift select multiple morphs and right click to uncheck/check

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